Standing up for Fairness, Equality and Justice


Who I am?

I am a self-made person and working class woman with grass root level experience. As an immigrant I have had my share of difficulties, struggles and hardships which made me the person I am.  I came from Pakistan as a young girl from a small city with no experience of life. I was born and grew up in a family where my father had keen interest in world politics and current affairs. My father was a working class man who worked hard all his life to raise his family and provide the best possible education to his children. I faced harshest realities of my life after coming to England and this is when I started my journey of practical life. I started my first job working in a small boutique as a sales assistant to support myself. While I worked during the days, I attended evening classes to better myself so that I could attain skills which would help me to survive in a competitive world. I was so determined to surmount all difficulties and challenges that came in my way during the early years in this country.  Since my childhood I observed there is injustice, inequality, manipulation and exploitations in the society and I must do something to change it.

It was due to my own difficulties, struggles and hardships that I started to feel pain and sufferings of others. 2007 was the turning year of my life when an acquaintance said if I join politics I would do really well because I have the desire to help others and change things.  During all these years, I met many people who were disillusioned and fed up of self-serving career politicians. They had no faith in the system that was failing them and rightly so.  For the first time in 2010, I contested council election from Perivale ward in Ealing North with 3 sitting Tory councillors and topped the ballot. Then I got elected second time from Cleveland in Ealing North, a split ward which is now held by Labour.

My record of community engagement


“Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.”

John Maxwell

As a local councillor in Ealing North, I have listened to the concerns of my constituents. I have fought for Perivale residents to save Perivale Library in 2012. I campaigned to lobby HS2 (High speed rail 2) to secure tunnelling under Ealing and Northolt and mitigate environmental impact. I campaigned with local residents, activists, party members and trade unions to save our hospitals and A&E department in Ealing. I worked closely with council officers and other stake holders to deliver several improvement projects in Perivale and Cleveland wards in Ealing North.

Whether it is a local parking issue or a planning development, I have always stood up for my constituents to actively represent them. I want to be the next MP for Ealing North because I want to become residents’ voice and represent their interests in the parliament. I want to change their perception that all politicians are the same and they do not listen to them. As a local councillor I stand up for all communities in my ward to protect them and fight for the much needed change this Borough needs so desperately. I decada of Tory austarity and cuts means Ealing coucil is forced to take unpoular decisions to  protect front line services.



Community Activities