Socio-Political Activities

I regularly attend different community forums and participate in debates/discussions on local TV channels to educate people and discuss and represent the views and policies of the Labour party. Some of my communities’ engagements include:

Engagement with Somali Community: I have been engaged in educating the local Somalian community to oppose FMG and encourage women in that community to participate in the Labour Party and local politics. I attended various forums to listen to their concerns including Somali youth school exclusion

Forced Marriages: I spoke on the issue of forced marriages on Venus TV, which affects different communities’ particularly of Pakistan and Bangladesh origins. I informed viewers what Labour did to protect vulnerable people by introducing the forced marriage Act, forming Forced marriage Unit (FMU) and giving special powers to courts to issue forced marriage orders against culprits.

Save our Hospitals Campaign: I have actively campaigned for ‘Save Our Hospitals’ to fight proposed closure of local hospital services by Tory led government.

HS2 Campaign: I actively worked on HS2 (High speed Rail 2) campaign to lobby HS2 Ltd and coalition government to secure tunnelling under Ealing and Northolt.

Perivale Library. I stood up for my constituents to keep local library open and secured £400,000 from Ealing council to transform an old and depressing library into a creative, modern and bright centre of learning for the local communities.

Ward Projects: I delivered several improvement and development projects in Cleveland and Perivale wards in Ealing North during my two tenures.

  1. I supported and promoted the idea of regular local community events for community cohesion, peace and harmony after the successful Diamond Jubilee street parties, one of which was funded by Perivale ward forum.
  2. I promoted and supported youth projects and engagements to encourage their involvement in the healthy and creative activities to keep them away from Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB).
  3. I worked hard to resolve the complex on-going issues related to Highways (Roads resurfacing, Bilton Road HGV Vibration, Traffic congestion, etc)
  4. I closely worked with the Safer Communities and Perivale Safe Neighbourhood Team (SNT) Police to tackle and reduce the overall crime rate in Perivale and introduce Controlled Drinking Zone (CDZ) in Bilton Road and surrounding areas to combat ASB.

Experience in Ealing Council: Working with local council has been a fantastic and great experience although dealing with cuts coming from the Tory led government has been extremely unpleasant and painful. I’ve seen how decisions taken on top level impact on different services and as a result make lives of ordinary men, women and children of this great country extremely difficult. I have been a member of several committees since May 2010.

  • Overview and Scrutiny Committee (2019-2020)
  • Scrutiny Review Panel 2 (Active Citizenship) (2019-2020)
  • Standards Committee (2019-2020)
  • Scrutiny Review Panel 4 (Future Ealing) (2018-19)
  • Arts & Culture Scrutiny Committee (2010-2011)
  • Education, Children & Youth Services Committee (2010-2011)
  • Planning Committee (2010-2014)
  • Regulatory Committee (2013-2014)
  • Economic Growth & Business Development Committee (2013-2014)

Creative side of Me: I am into vBlogging and have done various videos on recent ICC cricket World Cup 2019. I write articles in English and Urdu languages on social and cultural issues faced by different communities living in Britain. These are published in the local papers and magazines. See my Blogs section. I got interest in music, poetry and singing cover songs in my spare time as recreational activities. Here is the link for my YouTube Music channel and Facebook Music fan Page. 

My Vision: I dream of a social country with different shades of cultures, colours, creeds and beliefs, but which has assimilated and absorbed them with unified interest of one nation, the Great British Nation. I dream of a country which gives rights and privileges to its citizens for the duties and sacrifices they made. I believe in a place which has equal opportunities, work for all and where no one is discriminated or marginalised, on the basis of colour or creed. I dream of a country where women are given equal rights, respect, dignity and opportunities to shine in their chosen fields and careers.

My Mission: I often hear from people that, “All politicians are the same, they don’t care” I want to change their perception and show there are politicians who care and listen to their constituents and work hard for them to get things done.